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The words we speak to ourselves have power.

The moment you let a lie creep in you give it POWER. 

If you go into your birth BELIEVING you can not give birth, you will most likely have to have an intervention that you are already fearful of. If you go into your birth day with a strong confident mind, girl friend. You are good to go regardless of how your birth story unravels. 

It’s hard. It really is hard but mind over matter every single time.

You CAN do this.

Your body was MADE FOR THIS. 

Your body and muscles will WORK the way they were MADE to work.

Your contractions are not stronger than you, they ARE you. 

Lies can not creep in if you know your truth. 

Affirmations are extremely helpful for you and your support team for the trenches when you forget. Your partner can read them and remind you of how strong you are and how amazing your body truly is. For the times you feel like giving up that you can not go on, friend… you 100% got this. 

This will be the hardest and most rewarding thing you’ve ever done and I made you some special downloadable cards to remind you of that. 

Enjoy Mama <3 


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