4D Ultrasounds inside Willow Sage Photography

4D Ultrasounds | Waco Texas

I am so excited to announce you can now get your 2D/3D/4D/HD Ultrasounds inside Willow Sage Photography in Waco, Texas.

I have been holding this in for quite some time in hopes that we could do a grand opening, but you know… COVID and all, we’ll have to wait but nonetheless, I am SUPER pumped to have these ladies in here offering 4D Ultrasounds!

Currently, with the Covid pandemic, parents have been limited on who they can have in their appointments and sometimes the other parent isn’t even allowed in to hear their child’s heartbeat for the first time. This is a massive milestone for expecting families and such an exciting milestone into parenthood. I remember hearing my son’s heartbeat for the first time was such an amazing experience but I wish I had it on video or had a recording of his heartbeat. With us, you’ll have the option for both! USBs and heartbeat recordings are available or included depending on which service you choose.

At Willow Sage Photography you can now schedule your ultrasounds with Cactus Rose Imaging, LLC. I actually have two ladies who are available and will be updating this post soon with the second but for now, you can head over here for more information on scheduling!

When scheduling you CAN bring whomever you want! We of course practice safety and sanitize between each client but whoever is most important for you to be present, can and you won’t have to worry about them missing out on such an important event!


4D Ultrasounds inside Willow Sage Photography | Waco Texas

You also must be under the care of a midwife or physician.


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