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Waco Birth Photographer – Rainbow Baby Named Mclane

Waco Birth Photographer, Lindsey Wachsmann captures family welcome their new rainbow baby.

When I first met Elizabeth, she shared how important this birth was to her family. She knew she wanted a birth photographer to capture their son entering the world.

See, this pregnancy was a very special gift, a rainbow baby. Elizabeth shared the previous loss of their daughter Ellington McLaine. Ellington had passed shortly after birth the year prior from CDH, Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.

So Mclane was going to be very special. She had so much peace and unwavering joy. Their testimony shook me and I was so grateful for the honor of capturing their birth story.


Mother laboring through a contraction on a hospital bed. Waco Birth Photographer
A Rainbow Baby Named Mclane | Waco Birth Photographer

At her consultation we totally hit it off, and realized we had a lot more in common than originally thought. Kid you not, we literally lived half a block away from each other. How funny right?

This came in handy especially since her past labors came on pretty quickly. Labor time with all of her children previously had progressed pretty quick. Faster than textbook, with no complications so when she reached out to me one morning at 3:19 am, it was go time!

Father holding his baby's hands on warmer.
A Rainbow Baby Named Mclane | Waco Birth Photographer

I was ready to rock! Coffee in hand, waiting outside of her house I saw her waddle out to her car. Her husband Bryce waved and then ran back inside to grab a few last minute things, then we were on our way!

I typically don’t accompany my clients during triage or checking in but knew that it wouldn’t be long until baby Mclane made his appearance.

Born at 6:23 am, Elizabeth and Bryce welcomed their sweet, precious, healthy baby boy earth-side at Ascension Health, aka ( for all you Wacoans ) Providence.

Mclane was a rainbow baby and has brought so much joy to their family. His sister in Heaven was smiling down the day he was born and their story is one of constant faithfulness , gratitude and strength.

To learn more about their journey please visit here.

Waco Birth Photographer Lindsey Wachsmann

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