Waco Birth Photograper 

I have over 10 years of birth experience from home-biths, c-section, hopsital VBAC to twins! 

I cover more of this in my 2021 Birth Magazine but heres a sneak of what my birth services include. 

- Consultation, this is where we get to know eachother and go over your birth plan and practicals moving forward for on-call information.

- I am on call for you 24/7 from the time you book until you have your baby. 

- Birth coverage starts from the time I arrive to the time you fall asleep ( about 2-3 hours after your birth ) 

- Other options depending on your coverage choice including videography, and heirloom

This journey can be one of the most exciting , anticipated events thus far in your life.

How special is that?!

It can also be a tad bit overwhelming but good news... I got you!

Secure your due date with a deposit

Enjoy your images after your baby's arrival at your reveal!

"Lindsey did an amazing job...

birth services start at 1200

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capturing the birth of my little boy. Receiving the photos, and videos made me tear up. It was worth every penny. Nobody was worried about taking pictures. We were able to enjoy the moment, and let Lindsey work!"

- Kaira P

thank you!
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