Fall Family Sessions + Guide

Fall Family Sessions




Fall family sessions are in full swing and I couldn’t be more excited! This is one of my most favorite times of the year. Especially this year, I feel like we all need a pick me up with how 2020 has gone so far and I’m sure that family photos will be just the thing with spread some joy!


I have a couple of options this year with fall family sessions depending on what you’d prefer most. I have an on-location option as well as an in-studio option! My sessions on-location are 30-40 minutes and include digital images. My in-studio sessions are perfect for littles and especially perfect if you love cozy and all things pampas grass! I am currently totally obsessed with this aesthetic and it looks SO good in camera.




Your Family Session Guide




A lot of families stress out during this time, whether it be finding the right outfits, or coordinating locations or just being uptight at their session because they know their toddler will be like a crazy spider monkey. I mean, lets face it kids will be kids but there are so many things we can do to prepare for your session… so here are a few! Ready?





    • No really, especially this year I think we can all attest that the little things that may cause frustration, are in fact, not as big as we originally thought. I think 2020 has humbled us in the most non-gracious way to really look at life and to appreciate what matters the most. So, don’t overstress, if someone has a bad attitude, or your hair doesn’t look exactly the way you want it. It’s okay. It’s okay to not be perfect and it’s okay to just show up in all your glory.


Make it fun!


    • Plan a family date night around your session. Nothing adds to the experience more than making it fun for the entire family. I’m not saying go out and blow a ton of money on a fun night but definitely get creative and think about ways to make it fun for after the session. Family movie night? Family park night? Date night? Options are endless and it really helps everyone look forward to pushing through the session if they typically have anxiety or if you need some bribery.


Start with you


    • Coordinating outfits can be a headache, so my biggest tip is to start with one person and then coordinate everyone around that one person. Typically that is mom, just because it’s easier for us to plan ourselves first and then everyone else. Think accessories, layers, hats, etc.  Stray away from neons as these can create a color cast and please do not go back to the white button-up and blue jeans look. Ya’ll we got options and your photographer is going to help guide you if you need help lol.




All of my on-location family sessions come with exclusive access to my styling service which takes all the guesswork out of choosing outfits. It lays everything out side by side for you and even tells you where to go shop at! Amazing right? Even if your shopping your own closet, it’s SUPER helpful and a good visual when planning.

Family sessions also receive two guides, a family session guide that goes more in-depth with planning your session, and also sheds light on my favorite local stores and helps you pick out styles that will make you feel comfortable and not awkward.


For more information about scheduling your Fall Family Session click here.





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