Favorite Stylist in Waco

Trying to find a favorite stylist in Waco can be a little tricky. There is honestly so much talent with cuts and colors and extensions, you name it, but here are some of my top favorites here in Waco.

Each bring something different to the table and I absolutely adore that about them all.

All different and unique ! <3

Kayla Phillips Hair

Kayla Phillips | Waco, Texas

Kayla Phillips is one amazing artist! As a Pulp Riot Preferred artist, and a hair painting mastery, she specializes in vivid colors, blondes and getting those really amazing pretty tones. Kayla is known literally all over the United States and resides here in Waco with her husband and daughter. She’s an amazing intentional mama, a fitness lover and is also a Waco native.  She will make you feel like the beauty queen and like you’ve known her your whole entire life! I literally adore Kayla and her talent, I’m always amazed with her work!

Carly Lamadrid Hair

Carly Lamadrid | Waco, Texas

” I specialize in beauty of all ages. I’m in the business of shining another lady’s crown. In this dark world, I like to provide a kind, encouraging experience while educating my guests on their beauty needs. I excel in all color techniques and precision haircuts. I travel around the country teaching extensions. From 1 to 100 years old are welcome in my chair!!”
Photo : Willie + Rose Photography

stefanie newton hair

Meet Stefanie!

Every time I sit in Stefanie’s chair I always trust that no matter what we end up doing, I’ll love it. She’s honest and extremely knowledgeable and a great listener. Stefanie focuses on relationships and it really shows through authentic friendships she’s built over the years with her clients. She has a heart of gold and is hands down one of the most talented ladies in Waco! I always love catching up with her!

Callie Smith Hair

Meet Callie!

“I would describe my style as modern and well rounded. Lol I love a chic precision cut, but I also LOVE textured, tousled shag styles. I also love doing hair and makeup for bridal parties, and extension services. I’m great at listening to what my clients want and making that happen. I’ve been doing hair for 13 years and a Waco native. Mom of 3. I feel like most of my clients tend to fall in the mom category bc I’m good at low- maintenance hair ”

courtney yarbourough


Meet Courtney!

Courtney is a true gem! I met her way back when I opened up my first studio ever right next to Sironia and have worked with her ever since. Courtney has been in the business for over 12 years now and is one of my all time favorite make up artists! She’s so extremely talented atj make up, hair services and hair extensions. She’s genuine and authentically finds joy in making you feel and look beautiful.


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