Underwater Family Session

What To Wear For Outdoor Summer Family Sessions

Underwater Family Session

Here in Texas summertime can be a doozy and so can figuring out what to wear for outdoor summer family sessions.

A lot of families overthink this and spend entirely too much time trying to perfect their families outfits. Rest assure though it really is easier than you think. Here are some tips that I follow when styling my clients.


Family Session

  1. What’s your aesthetic, your style, your overall favorite tones? – Do you love muted blues and whites? How about hunger green’s and yellows? What’re your favorite colors are, start there. Pairing up color combos can be a little difficult sometimes so head on over to Pinterest and look up summer color combos for some inspiration. Waco Family Session
  2. What is your style? – You definitely don’t want to show up to your session in all western if your born and raised in the city and love showing off your heels and cute skinny jeans. Right? Lol, don’t be afraid to rock something that you feel amazing in. If you are dying to wear a cute hat with some Adidas , rock it! Don’t shy away from showing your true personality because you are trying to follow rules. There aren’t any 😉
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  3. Start with you mama! – Really though, start with you. What’re you going to feel the best in? Is it your yellow flowy boho dress you found for a killer deal or do your ripped jeans and cute top give you all the summertime feelings? Start with you what makes you feel the best and then go from there. I always tell my families to start with mama and work everyone else around what you have on. Family Session in Greenhouse
  4. Be comfortable! – Really though, if you aren’t comfortable, then it will 100% show in your session. If you have to lay down to button up those skinny jeans, girl leave them at home and grab something different. If you aren’t comfortable, if your kids aren’t, then they will for sure be messing with their outfits at their session instead of having fun with you! Summer family sessions can be hot so try and dress light with as few layers as possible. Waco Family Session
  5. Don’t be afraid to try something different! – It can sometimes be easier to play it safe when your investing in photography but it can make your session so much more memorable! Try something different and outside your comfort zone. Maybe something you’ve had in your back pocket for a while that you have been to scared to try!I hope these tips help you prepare what to wear for your outdoor family session this summer. Remember, have fun!!

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