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Why Birth Photography


Baby's first bath at hospital birth.


Why birth photography? Because it’s not just birth photography…


As a Waco Photographer I shot my first birth when I was maybe 19 and that first birth rocked my world. The best way I could explain my experience was that I could feel the shift. I could literally feel the atmostphere change. If joy was tangible, that was it.


Over my career in the birth world, I’ve learned a thing or two.  It’s definitely grown my passion immensly. Being invited into someones birth space, is sacred. It’s the most vulnerable time in a womens life. The pain can be shattering one minute and completely forgotten the next. It’s a family growing, it’s the beauty of life.

I’ve learned over my years as a birth worker that not every birth is a triumph. Some births are traumatic, sometimes a woman has everything taken away. Her plans and wishes, completely disregarded at the mercy of someone else.

I’ve learned that…

Not all who deliver, love to deliver. Some its just a paycheck. Some it’s a true calling they yearn for and they love making a difference for their patients.

To use my voice when my clients lose some of theirs, that over anything is why I love this career so much.

I advocate because…

The  VBAC who didn’t think she could do it, who was told her body couldn’t handle it, that her body wasn’t made for it.  Did it.

The Cescarean who lost a chunk of time, documentation was the only thing she could hold on to. That made sense and completed the biggest day of her life. It helped process and helped heal.

Becoming a parent, your world stands still, and that deserves preservation.

It’s a transformation, such a beautiful one and that is why it matters. That is why it’s worth it.


I always regretted not having a birth photographer capture our first child’s birth, so I didn’t want to make that same mistake with our second. I contacted Lindsey about doing maternity photos and we eventually decided to also book her for the birth and newborn portraits as well and we’re so glad that we did…
Being able to look back on how our birth team supported us and getting to watch the moment I realized I was actually going to achieve the VBAC I had been hoping and praying for is such a priceless treasure to me!
Everything is a blur now, so we love being able to look back and relive those special moments.
If you are on the fence about having someone photograph your child’s birth, I promise you won’t regret booking Lindsey. She was absolutely amazing… from being a silent fly on the wall during the intense moments of labor to coordinating with our midwives to sharing sneak peeks… through it all, Lindsey was always professional and a joy to work with. Thank you, Lindsey!” – Dena



The Cost of Birth Photography



Check out The Birth Room – Waco! 


The Birth Room - Waco



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